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Something For Everyone: Grenada meluncurkan kampanye pariwisata baru

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Something For Everyone: Grenada meluncurkan kampanye pariwisata baru

During the months of January 2019 – August 2019, visitors from neighboring Kepulauan Karibia accounted for 18% of the market share for grenada’s tourist arrivals. In an effort to continue to promote Pure Grenada’s tourism offerings throughout the region, the Grenada Tourism Authority (GTA) has launched the “Something for Everyone” campaign. As the destination’s first exclusive regional multi-platform campaign, the initiative will showcase the diverse experiences neighboring travelers can enjoy in Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

“Grenada has so much to offer to our neighbors from the Caribbean. A quick flight over allows travelers from the region to experience a variety of offerings such as culinary tours, hiking expeditions, diving excursions and more,” says Patricia Maher, CEO of the GTA. “Our goal for this campaign is to position our three islands Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique as the destination of choice, where there is indeed something for everyone, no matter your desired interests while on vacation.”

Pure Grenada’s “Something for Everyone” campaign will focus on many of the destination’s niche offerings such as culinary, soft adventure, romance, leisure and sailing experiences targeting a diverse audience including solo travelers, couples and families. The campaign will include several promotional videos which will be launched across the destination’s social media accounts as well as billboard campaigns, television and print advertising.

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