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Sandals Foundation menandai 10 tahun membantu Karibia

The plans, hard work, skills, and innovations of Sandals Resorts have made it the world’s best, but the team believes it has a responsibility to put all these tools to work beyond its resorts. By contributing through community outreach programs in the Caribbean, Sandals hopes to make its corporate social responsibilities reflect its responsibilities to family.

The Sandals Foundation is a way for the team to take on more of what needs to be done in the islands where the resorts operate by making the Caribbean the best that it can be. It is not just about gathering and spending money. It is also about harnessing passion, energy, skills, and brand power to tackle issues under 3 broad headings – community, education, and environment.

Sandals Foundation menandai 10 tahun membantu Karibia


Sandals Foundation creates and endorses initiatives that engage and inspire people through skills training and tackling complex social issues head-on to strengthen communities. There have been 384,626 community members impacted including 243,127 Great Shape! Inc. Dental + iCARE patients and 397 pre-term babies who received a fighting chance. Also, 102,150 toys have been donated and 4,218 cats and dogs spayed and neutered, all with the help of 24,215 community volunteers.

Sandals Foundation menandai 10 tahun membantu Karibia


Through the Foundation, both children and adults have been provided with essential tools such as scholarships, supplies, technology, literacy programs, mentorship, and teacher training to help them reach their full potential. To date, 59,036 pounds of supplies have been donated in the form of 2,506 computers and 274,517 books impacting 578 schools, 169,079 students, and 2,455 teachers, along with the awarding of 180 scholarships.

Sandals Foundation menandai 10 tahun membantu Karibia

Lingkungan Hidup

Promising to raise environmental awareness, the Sandals Foundation has developed effective conservation practices and teaches future generations how to care for their communities and preserve the surroundings. Through the efforts of the Sandals Foundation, 83,304 turtles safely hatched, 37,092 pounds of garbage were collected, 12,565 trees have been planted, 6,000 coral fragments were planted, and 6 marine sanctuaries have received support.

Over the past decade, Sandals has worked tirelessly to positively impact the lives of over 840,000 people across the Caribbean. It remains committed to investments that create a positive and sustainable impact on the islands its resorts call home.

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