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Catalonia Bávaro Golf & Casino Resort: Bersertifikat untuk tahun kedua

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Catalonia Bávaro Beach Golf & Casino Resort in Bávaro Beaches (Punta Cana) is a family resort located in the Dominican Republic. The property boasts exclusive beaches of fine white sand, crystal clear Caribbean waters, palm trees along the coastline, lush vegetation and coral reefs.

Green Globe mengucapkan selamat Catalonia Bávaro Beach Golf & Casino on its recent recertification for the second year.

“Thanks to good practices implemented at the resort, we have obtained the most demanding certification in environmental criteria – Green Globe, said Magda Cerda, Head of Hygiene, Quality and Environment.

An ecological group, EcoCat was originally founded in 2010 by the team at Catalonia Bávaro and Catalonia Royal, in order to reduce consumption of water and electricity, and minimize the negative impacts of resort operations on the environment.

Effective resource management is one key area of concern. Knowing that water is their most important natural resource, the property has implemented water saving measures including the installation of low flow taps in common areas. The flow rate has now decreased from 8 liters/minute down to 4 liters/minute. In kitchens flow rates decreased from 12 L/min to 4.5 L/min, and in rooms from 8 L/min to 4L/min.

Another notable change is the installation of ecological urinals and dual-flush toilets in public areas. Dual flow water control systems have also been fitted in new buildings, while a water treatment plant reuses pretreated wastewater for irrigating gardens saving 3,240 m3 of water per day. In addition, during the cleaning of guest rooms, staff are instructed not to flush toilets more than two times thereby further conserving water.

A complete team effort headed by the Quality Control Department and the environmental officer has allowed the resort as a whole to achieve and maintain compliance to set standards. Visual aids are used as part of a comprehensive communications strategy at Catalonia Bávaro Beach Golf & Casino Resort. During induction training a small book outlining green practices is given to each employee. Furthermore, posters promoting ways of saving water are featured in common areas that remind guests as well as staff about sustainability policies and programs.

Green Globe adalah sistem keberlanjutan dunia berdasarkan kriteria yang diterima secara internasional untuk operasi berkelanjutan dan pengelolaan bisnis perjalanan dan pariwisata. Beroperasi di bawah lisensi seluruh dunia, Green Globe berbasis di California, AS dan memiliki perwakilan di lebih dari 83 negara. Green Globe adalah Anggota Afiliasi dari Organisasi Pariwisata Dunia Perserikatan Bangsa-Bangsa (UNWTO). Untuk informasi, silakan kunjungi .

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